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DMSMRI is the companion/partner organisation of Daniel McIntyre / St. Matthews Community Association (DMSMCA). DMSMRI was organized by the DMSMCA as the new entity to which programs considered non-charitable were transferred. It is a non-share capital corporation incorporated under The Corporations Act (Manitoba). DMSMRI’s membership is comprised of the DMSMCA Board of Directors (13). The DMSMCA Board of Directors is elected from amongst the membership of DMSMRI (minimum of 3 directors). Thus, DMSMCA controls DMSMRI.

DMSMRI was incorporated on December 20, 2010, and operations became effective April 1, 2011, when non-charitable programs were officially transferred from DMSMCA to DMSMRI. This date was chosen as it coincides with DMSMCA and DMSMRI's fiscal year. Restructuring of the corporation is now complete and all Project Contribution Agreements with funders have been drafted accordingly.


The revenues and expenses relating to the following areas have been allocated to DMSMRI:

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