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Below is a list of other organizations that may provide small grants to help you get your project off the ground. For a list of programs that can help with housing renovations, see DMSMCA's website.


Winnipeg Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations:

Local organizations with community grants programs:

  • Assiniboine Credit Union Community Grants

  • The Canadian CED Network’s SPARK program matches community organizations with volunteers who have specialized skills

  • LITE:  funds initiatives that directly create jobs, or leverage new jobs, and that include skill development for inner city residents who are unemployed or underemployed. 

  • The Province of Manitoba’s Community Places Program: assists with the construction or purchase of a building.

  • The Thomas Sill Foundation: provides a wide range of grants to registered charities throughout Manitoba

  • The United Way offers a variety of small grants to support volunteer work at both the grassroots and organizational levels

  • The Winnipeg Foundation: supports a wide range of community projects in the areas of community service, education, health, arts and culture, heritage, recreation and the environment

  • Your City Councillor: may have ward allowance money available for community projects

You can find lists of other granting agencies and foundations, both local and national, at these sites:

For online databases of non-profit groups and community organizations, not necessarily granting agencies, that operate in Manitoba, check out the United Way and Volunteer Manitoba.

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